Re: Creating Reports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 12:48:57 -0800

Gary Walworth wrote:
> We do have CR6 installed at each station. The problem seems to be associated
> with the 'Select Expert' in CR6. Specifically, when asking for data that
> pertains to a specific date range. When using an ODBC connection, the
> 'Database/Show SQL Query' menu item shows question marks where the start and
> stop date should be.

The question marks are parameter placeholders. Crystal Reports will
replace the ? with a paramters or criteria before sending it to
SQL Server.

> Example:
> <snip>
> InvoiceItems."InvoiceID" = Invoices."InvoiceID" AND
> Invoices."CustomerID" = MasterAccounts."CustomerID" AND
> Invoices."Date" >= ? AND
> Invoices."Date" <= ? AND
> (MasterAccounts."PayMethod" = 'Visa' OR
> MasterAccounts."PayMethod" = 'MasterCard' OR
> MasterAccounts."PayMethod" = 'Amex')
> <snip>
> The error message when using the ODBC driver is:
> ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Driver not capable

I'd check your configuration of Crystal Reports itself. You
may be trying to use something like client side cursors or
such that the driver isn't capable of doing. I remember seeing
an error like this a while back, and it was a config issue
(either in the DSN or CR) that was causing the proble.

YOu can use SQL Trace to see what query Crystal Reports is sending
to SQL Server.

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