Re: Mailsite

John Davies ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 10:01:36 -0800

Hi Duane,

>I am trying to set up mailsite, but my logins are rejected. In the log
>file I get,
>Authentication failed for user lfrederick in domain with
>error 3775987711 (0XE110FFFF) Attempt to locate entry in Sysdatabases for
>database 'Emerald' by name failed - no entry found under that name. Make
>sure that name is entered properly.
>State:08004,Native:911,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
>I am setup on ODBC the same as with Emerald. Although Emerald works, I
>believe that it bypasses ODBC except for printing reports. I am setup in
>Mailsite to use the DSN of Emerald2. That DSN points to the SQL server
>with a default SQL database of emerald2. From the above entry, it appears
>that mailsite is hardcoded for emerald and ignores the default db. Is
>there any way to change that?

The name of the database is set in the DSN. From the MailSite docs:

Create a data source for Emerald:
1 On the machine running MailSite, go to the control panel and start the
ODBC Data Source Administrator.
2 Select the System DSN page.
3 Click the Add button.
4 Select the Microsoft SQL Server driver and click Finish.
5 Type EmeraldDataSource (or some other suitable name) as the data source
6 Optionally, enter a description of the data source.
7 In the Server field, enter the name of the machine on which SQL Server is
8 Click Options to display additional configuration choices.
9 Enter the name of the Emerald database. The SQL Server administrator will
be able to tell you this.
10 Click OK to create a new data source.
11 Click OK once more to dismiss the ODBC Data Source Administrator.