Re: Time to do a Call Consolidation

John Lange ( )
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 19:09:45 -0600


We do the checkdb EVERY night. I came in this morning and found that the
log device now has 725 MB free. Now I have to figure out how to get the db
in single user mode to shrink the log device.

JOhn :}

At 11:08 AM 2/25/98 +1100, you wrote:
>>Well it's that dreaded time of the month again. My 500 MB log device is at
>>400MB and climbing. We have had nothing but disasters trying to run call
>>consolidations. Every time in the past when we ran this with previous
>>versions we lost all of the records.
>>I tried to run the summary and got an error:
>>Clicked on Summary, Chose 1, Clicked on charges.
>>Got -> This will consolidate ..., Chose Yes
>>Got -> Error executing consolidation Procedure! <-
>>So I ran in iSQL the following:
>>DELETE FROM Calls WHERE AcctStatusType = 1
>>It ran for an hour with NO error messages.
>>The log device did NOT reduce in size. I tried to truncate the db and it
>>I can increase the log device again, but I want to reduce it when the job
>>is done. Can't figure out how to do that either.
> Yep. I've had this problem. My log device got to 550 Meg before I
>figured out how to fix it :).
> Quite simply, run a "DBCC CHECKDB (Emerald)". This will discover a few
>little anomalies with the transaction log and fix them. Once this check is
>done, truncate the transaction log and you should now see that most of the
>log is now free.
> I can't tell you how relieved I was when I saw that. There's something
>depressing about watching your transaction log grow and grow, and you can't
>do a thing about it.
> Oh, it's a good idea to schedule a database check every month. That's
>what I do now and everything has been working perfectly.
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