Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:21:21 -0600

We just got Emerald up this month and we are fixing to actually start
billing. I am looking for feedback on the Consolidation
long it takes, how often should it be done, etc.....

We have it running since 2-6-98 and the calls table has approx 150,000

Also, what exactly does the Consolidation process do? Will I lose
customer call in records. I need to keep a history of each users dial
in times and ip addresses for security reasons etc..... We get asked
for this sort of info regarding legal issues with IPs from our network
flooding hacking etc...from time to time. Also, I would like to have
a history of the users calls for the previous month so we can ref it
when they come back on us.

Any info and help would appreciated before we go ahead with the next