Re: log device

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 14 Feb 1998 22:48:42 -0800 wrote:
> So the Emerald Log isn't actually needed by anything in Emerald? In
> other words, truncating the log never effects people's login history
> info or new accounts or anything like that?

The log has nothing to do with Emerald itself. Everything
that happens in SQL Server creates an entry in the applicable
transaction log. Its designed so that you can back out of
transactions that go bad, or dump the database, and then
several transaction logs, to be able to re-create the database
from the dump and the transaction logs.

Typically, you just do a dump per night and that should be
suffice. Advanced users setup transction log dumps on a spcific
basis so that they can re-create the database and it will be no
more than x hours old.

The transaction log can really grow fast during consolidation,
because it has to log hundreds of thousands transactions (one
for every insert/delete operation).

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