Billing Cycles or What?

John Lange ( )
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 23:07:11 -0600

HI Dale & All

We have reached or physical limits for the number of bills we can fold and
stuff for 15th of the month billing. We would like to start billing new
customers on the 1st.

I thought I read somewhere that we need to check Incremental Batch in
Emerald 2.2.38, but when we do it - restart Emerald it is unchecked. In
the admin "Billing Cycles" crashes with an error.

Do we have to check Incremental every time we need to batch invoices?

Currently all users expire on the 15th and we generate invoices near the
last day of the month. We would like to set new users to expire "ON" the
last day of the month and gen bills near the 15th.

We are about to buy an extended licence for Emerald.

Please Dale, I need a complete, step_by_step answer as to how to do this.

JOhn :}

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