Re: New Customer Billings
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 14:33:05 -0600

Dale which configid equals what time below obviously extend is ID9,
however, what are the other 2? I tried to change values via the
Emerald admin and it will not save the changes. I wanted expire =3D0,
extend=3D15 and limit=3D20 as of now the emerald admin shows expire=3D0
extend=3D5 yet an sql query shows

If you can let me know what value goes to each config id I can update
via SQL.

ConfigID Type Value Data


5 0 7200 (null)

8 0 0

9 0 6

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:49:47 -0800, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>> Randy Nickle wrote:
>> We recently upgraded to 2.2 from 2.1. Some of the changes are working =
>> nicely. There are however a few problems we seem to have encured. =
The main
>> concerns right know all are on the billing pages:
>> 1.When we set up a new customer the limit # or field defaults to 72 we=
do not
>> know why.
>> 2. we defaulted the extend periods on new accounts. So if you set up a=
>> account the start date is one date and the expire date is 2 weeks =
>> However when the payment is applied to the account it advances the =
>> from the expire date as opposed to the start date. This is not what we=
>> trying to accomplish. We tried changing this but with no luck.We would=
like a
>> new customer to have the opportunity to have 2 weeks to pay their =
>> bill. However when the payment is posted it will advance from the =
>> date of their account. How can we do this automaticaly with each new =
>Its really the same problem. There are three fields in the Emerald =
>for adjusting new accounts: expire, extend, and limit.
>Expire is a FREE number of days. You have this set to 14 and really =
>it set to 0.
>Extend is a single billing cycle extend. You have this set to 0 and =
>it set to 14.
>Limit is a permanent extension. This sounds like its incorrectly set in
>your database as 72. I do remember the 2.2 admin having a bug that =
>incorrectly save another value into this field.
>Your Configs table houses these values. Open up ISQL_W and=20
>use the following statements to change the values:
>Update Configs Set Values =3D 0 Where ConfigID =3D 8
>Update Configs Set Values =3D 14 Where ConfigID =3D 9
>Update Configs Set Values =3D 0 Where ConfigID =3D 5