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Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 19:49:32 +1000

You need the SQL version in order to use an Emerald database for
authentication, which is the one we are using and it has worked like a
dream. Never have to worry about the little box running MailSite.

It comes with an Emerald plugin DLL for authentication, unlike the bodgy
NTMail solution (which we tried at first, but bah!)

Overall, MailSite is a far nicer mail server than NTMail.


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From: Graeme Slogrove <>
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Date: Wednesday, 11 February 1998 19:42
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On 11 Feb 98 at 1:15, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> If I were you, I'd look at NTMail or Mailsite. They currently
> provide full integration to Emerald w/out the per user cost. There
> are also some unsupported scripts to allow Emerald to create users
> and mail accounts on a unix system.

I'm looking at getting MailSite, which version do I require to
interface into Emerald ? There are two "unlimited" versions, one with
SQL and one without SQL ..

Thanks for the info.


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