Re: Switch to Linux

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 01:15:44 -0800

chris wrote:
> We are contemplating switching our home user's e-mail accounts from
> Postoffice 3.1 to a Linux Sendmail box. When we bought Emerald in May
> 1997 we wanted to be able to continue to have the one entry account
> entry we had when we were a linux only shop, nine months later we are
> still entering accounts in emerald and again in Post.Office. We really
> like many of the emerald and features and will continue to
> use it but I don't want to continue buying licenses for Post.Office.
> All I want to be able to do is have a clerical employee add a user in
> emeral and have an e-mail account created on a linux box. We use the
> serveu dll for ftp on an NT webserver so that's no big deal. I don't
> care about a radius entry, I can do a UNIX logon for backup
> athentication or continue to batch to a flat file and use radius nt.

If I were you, I'd look at NTMail or Mailsite. They currently provide
full integration to Emerald w/out the per user cost. There are also
some unsupported scripts to allow Emerald to create users and mail
accounts on a unix system.

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