Re: Max400x Disconnect Cause
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 22:24:30 -0600

Well that's a start did you ever figure out exactly what code 45
really meant. We are using Ap42, however authentication has become
REAL slow since that code update I am getting with Ascend on that this

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 14:14:11 +1000, you wrote:

>We were getting many disconnect causes of 45 when users had been online =
>about 15 minutes. This ended up being as a result of the Ascend =
>revision. Ap27 caused the problems, so we upgraded to Ap42 and it fixed
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>Date: Tuesday, 10 February 1998 14:05
>Subject: Max400x Disconnect Cause
>What is everyone with Max400x and RadiusNT/Emerald seeing for
>disconnect reasons.
>I changed the ascend attribute in the Emerald Admin to =3D the RFC
>Basically, what is the majority cause seen and which ones can mean a
>customer problem etc....
>45 The peer sent a PPP Terminate Request.
>What is that cause usually indicative of?
>Also, I noticed that is a user is reset from within the max....i.e.
>you telnet in and hand them up it shows up as a User Request, should't
>there be an attribute for the terminal server hung them up or dropped
>Thanks for any input.
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