Re: Ability to track calls based on DNIS information

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:09:21 -0800

Michael Whisenant wrote:
> I understand that RadiusNT can track the users DNIS information as well
> Emerald(SQL) can store that information into the database. Here is what I
> want to do and I know someone has or can tell me how to perform this task.
> 1. A user calls a specific number (DNIS) and I bill him per minute of
> access for that call. This could be done outside of Emerald if necessary.

I've been looking into DNIS billing but haven't completed support
for it yet.

> 2. I would like a script that queries the database that will print out the
> following based on a match of the DNIS information.
> NAS called, login in name, Real name, ANI (originating number), start
> time, stop time, time online.

Something like:

Select NASIdentifier, UserName, sa.FirstName, sa.LastName, NASPortDNIS,
Start=DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime), CallDate),
Stop=DateAdd(Second, (0-AcctDelayTime), CallDate)