Re: Few questions about 2.2

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 09:51:15 -0800

Dusan Janjic wrote:
> Hi all,
> Few questions about 2.2.39. We are testing it on our backup machine
> before we move it to a production server.
> We ran calls consolidation on it that had about 200000 calls. In general
> it finished fine with few things I was puzzled about.
> 1. on the pre-invoice summary button it had several numbers which you
> can select. Are these the numbers representing the number of calls for
> certain period? If they are not what are they?

Yes. Its number of months back and how many calls for that month.

> 2. After it finished the process there was an error: "couldn't delete
> old records table" Is this associated with the fact that Emerald log
> file was almost full, it had less then .5 MB free out of 50 MB available
> before the process started?

Yes. That would prevent the delete from happening. iw ould recommend
clearing your space space, and then from isql_w, type:

DeleteCalls #

where # is the same number you selected from the consolidation. If you
have a lot of calls (say something like 1 (75345), 2 (83343), 3 (62344))
you might want to do the highest number (3) first, then 2, then 1.
You should always have atleast 1/2 your log space free before doing a

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