Re: Ascend and ISDN
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:39:03 -0600

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 21:27:48 -0800, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hmmm well I saw the NAS-Port Attribute, but from your message I assume
>> that won't do any good at the moment we are using the latest public
>> release of both radius and emerald.
>> I also looked at the the data schema in the radiusNT docs on
>> exactly would I accomplish this with emerald
>> and using MAX4000s.
>Using the Emerald 2.2 admin, go to Config RADIUS, Port Access.
>Go through the ports and allow ISDN to access the ones starting with
>1, and the PPP to access the ones starting with 2.
Hmm is that even available....I downloaded from your ftp site and my
About shows

2.1.8 using the client icon
2.1.0 using the admin icon