Re: Ascend and ISDN
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 23:49:09 -0600

Didn't see that option. My emerald admin in help about shows 2.1.0
and my emerals client in help about shows 2.1.11

Is 2.2 released and I just missed it?

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998 21:27:48 -0800, you wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hmmm well I saw the NAS-Port Attribute, but from your message I assume
>> that won't do any good at the moment we are using the latest public
>> release of both radius and emerald.
>> I also looked at the the data schema in the radiusNT docs on
>> exactly would I accomplish this with emerald
>> and using MAX4000s.
>Using the Emerald 2.2 admin, go to Config RADIUS, Port Access.
>Go through the ports and allow ISDN to access the ones starting with
>1, and the PPP to access the ones starting with 2.