Re: New report prioblem

Rich Sensale ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 10:41:59 -0500

Yes, that's the primary ordering category. The weird thing is it seems to
be sticking most of our sales people under an "others" subheading. I'm not
sure what is making it do that because some of them do list correctly.

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Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 7:35 PM
Subject: Re: New report prioblem

>Rich Sensale wrote:
>> Hi Im trying to compile a list of month to date payments for our company.
>> Sorted by the Salesperson. The thing that is happening is that some of
>> salespeople's names come out fine, the rest end up under an "others"
>> I need the report to subtotal all the payments of that month for each
>> customer and have it subtotal by which salesperson signed the user up to
>> help figure commissions. I will end up with 5 or 6 real names in the
>> salesperson column and the rest are all lumped under Other.
>Are you ordering by Sales Person? You'd need to for the
>grouping to come out correctly.
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