Re: Emerald DB disk-dump in SQL

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:31:16 -0800

Without actually looking at your database, its pretty difficult
to guess whats going on. You could have a dump device listed that
isn't physically there. You could be doing incremental backups
rather than full backups, and all the restores are the incremental
changes (hence why its so big).

Check to see if you have WITH INIT on your backup. That
Overwrites everything rather than appending it. For example,
my nightly backup is three dumps all to the same file. Only
the first has WITH INIT, so its one dump file with three
actual databases.

Josh Hillman wrote:
> I just realized that Emerald_diskdump.dat (SQL 6.5) is 376MB and is a bit
> large. I tried to run a manual diskdump, initializing the device, but an
> error popped up saying that the above file expires on 1/27/98 and cannot be
> overwritten.
> How can I safely overwrite or shrink this diskdump file down to a
> reasonable size? The DB itself is allocated 50MB of which, I think
> 30something is being used, and the transaction logs have their own device
> (25MB).
> The db goes through a diskdump every night at 3am, and there's data going
> as far back as 1996 in the restore area (relating Emerald_diskdump). This
> file has been replaced several times in the past, but I don't ever recall
> coming across an expiration date, so I'm assuming I changed something in
> the automated diskdump that deals with expirations. When looking at
> Emerald_diskdump [Info], there's only the past 7 days info in there. I
> have no idea why there's such a huge list of info under the Restore tab for
> this diskdump (options to restore from diskdumps for nearly every day in
> the past year and a half).
> Thanks for any info...
> Josh Hillman
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