Fix: Re: Error--- Unable to negoc. a compat set of Protocols!!

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 23:16:47 -0500

For your Windows 95 Clients, if they are using Internet Explorer before 4.0
then goto Start > Programs > Accessories > Internet Tools > and Click either
"Get on the Internet" or "Internet Connection Wizard".
With IE 4.0 and above, goto Start > Programs > Internet Explorer (Folder not
Program) > and Click "Connection Wizard"

While going through your installation, if you have your IP Address and DNS
automatically assigned, make sure you leave it as is, otherwise change to
your appropriate IP numbers. The Wizard PROPERLY sets up a Windows client
to connect to an ISP. If you use the Dial-Up Networking's "Make A New
Connection" You WILL have problems. In that case, you must edit the
properties of your connection and goto server types. Make sure you ONLY
have "Use Software Compression" and "TCP/IP" Enabled.

NEVER Make Direct changes to the Control Panel > Network > TCP/IP (Dial-Up
Adapter). This will mess up for clients with multi connections. Always edit
your properties via the Dial-Up Networking.

If you need any help, you can e-mail me directly or call me

We have been an ISP working with Win95 for the past 2 years now... and we
have users usually up and runnning in under 2 minutes with the Connection
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Subject: Error--- Unable to negoc. a compat set of Protocols!!

>Is anyone else getting this error with their Portmasters. I am getting
>error more and more. I thought it was just a problem with one of our PM's,
>but now a PM in one of our remote POP's is having the same problem.. It's
>very sporatic!!! The only thing that is common to all of these portmasters
>Could this be the problem.. I read somewhere that this error can occur
>the dialup machine is not givin an IP address..
>Any help would be greatly appreciated...
>I know it's not cool... but I'm going to cross-post this to radius list
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