RE: Microcom 6000 series

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 15:28:31 -0600

Variable Login limit is enabled..

The actually statement was "already logged in 1 times"

The Caller ID is the phone number that was dialed when making a ISDN
connection, with the analog connection it is the IP address of the modem

I think the blank IP is due to the fact that the Cisco is set to assign the
address... I figured out how to make it quit.. but I haven't figured out
how to make it let radius assign the address....


On Thursday, January 15, 1998 2:51 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr.
[] wrote:
> Ronnie D. Franklin wrote:
> >
> > Latest in the saga....
> >
> > I have manually entered all the ports and now when I try to
> > with concurrency turned on, it tells me that I am already logged in..
and I
> > am not.. When I look at the server/ports table it shows my username and
> > acctstatustype is 2 ... and the IP address shows a null..
> Do you have variable login limit enabled? If you do then your services
> can NOT have a blank/NULL login limit or its intepreted as zero. This
> is typically noted by seeing "already logged in 0 times".
> > Caller-Id = ""
> This seems like wierd caller ID info? Could this really
> be Framed-Address and maybe your dictionary has a mistake in it?
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