RE: Microcom 6000 series

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:17:34 -0600

I have had several login after the ports were created, and nothing yet in
the on-line screen...

BTW.. It would be nice to add the 6100/6200 series to the "type" under the
servers tab.. best I can figure out is that the ports are numbered 60100 -
64800 meaning ports 1-48. The 6100 will hold up to 96 modems and the 6200
will hold up to at least 192 modems...

Also, the ISDN ports are numbered 3bb0c, so I guess I need to create a port
for each one of them also???

Thanks for all the continued help.. now if I can get On-line going I will
start to tackle Session-timeout and expire and etc.....