RE: Customers Behind on Payment

Graeme Slogrove ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 08:43:22 +0200

On 8 Jan 98 at 18:06, John Lange wrote:

> We are glad that Emerald does this for us. It is one of the few
> reasons that we like Emerald. (Sorry again Dale) If we could just
> get Emerald to Account for the money better (No not General Ledger)
> and more ACCURATE financial reports, We would be satisfied.

What type of "accounting" do you require? I've written several Web
Pages that interface directly into SQL to do many accounting tasks.
One of the more urgent / useful pages is the Pay-Invoice one. Emerald
already includes a payment description field, and at least I can set
the date when the invoice was paid, including noting information on
the payment - I can easily see into which account the money was paid
and on which day.

Mail me if you're interested - I've got several other pages,
including on-line invoices, statements, reports to show invoices not
paid etc. all for web access.

You can check out an example of the invoices at

Just fill in a number from 1-800 or so (only recently started using
Emerald) to see the output which is generated on the fly.


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