Cannot Configure MBR's users of service types

Administrator ( )
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 18:24:01 +1100


This is probably a Newbie question but I need help !!!!

I have just installed RadiusNT and Emerald 2.1.8.
I am running SQL 6.5.

All seems to be working except.....

In the Emerald Admin under config DB, I have a blank page under
Services. All the other tabs have info and can be changed.
In the Emerald client under Accounts I also have a blank screen but the
other tabs have information.
I show 0 / 500 MBR's and cannot add any because of the blank screen in
the EM client.
I am using an Eval copy and have not entered a key.


Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
Hotline Support P/L " Our Service is your Support "