Re: User being verified after maExpireDate and Extend?

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 16:15:36 -0500

At 02:51 PM 1/6/98 -0600, you wrote:

>I am wanting a clients access to not be allowed. Their meExpireDate and
>their PaidThru date are both 12/31/97 12:00am. Their Extension and OverDue
>are Set at 5 and maCurrent is 0.
>Why are the still able to dial-in and be verified? Please help me with
>this problem.

Through YESTERDAY, that extension WOULD have allowed them on. PaidThru is
for BILLING ONLY. AFAIK, the only way to get an ACK out of RADIUSNT is
for maExpireDate+Extension(Days)+Limit(Days) to be a date LATER than the
current date. In other words, the ONLY one that matters is the
maExpireDate as augmented by Extension and Limit.

Two questions:

1) Is RADIUSNT authenticating out of the SQL database, or is it a flat text
file? (If flat text -- did you re-export)

2) Did you "External Systems: Batch Accounts" since making changes to this
user's expiry dates or extensions? (If not, then the changes are NOT
yet reflected in the database -- you HAVE to do this after changes).