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Is the ntmail dll on your ftp site the "new"one you refer to below. Its
dated june of 97.

Did ntmail's staff ever provide any help into a fix for this.

The last official word i received from brian was that this was
IEA-Sofware's problem, not ntmail since there were users that didn't
have any problems with the API.

If there is a new dll i would like to try it out, i need to add virtual
mail domain support for mail but won't buy anything from ntmail unless
it works correctly with Emerald.

I guess another option would be Rockliffe, are there any issues with
their mail program and Emerald.

Thanks for your time.

Dave Kerr

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> Jeremy Domingue wrote:
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> > Dale,
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> > I'm looking into NTMail again, and was wondering if the bug where
> NTMail
> > stops sending mail after awhile has been fixed yet.
> I am not positive, but most people do see the problem. My
> 3.03 setup here doesn't do it. The new NTMail DLL we have
> available is working well for most people.
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