Membership server?

Adrian Cooper ( (no email) )
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 20:08:41 -0000


I would like to utilise Emerald with any other necessary NT based products,
in order to implement a "membership server", and which will enable new
subscribers to sign themselves up, pay for, and immediately be able to use
our services in real-time.

I have in mind the following possible scenario:

Prospective subscriber proceeeds to "new subscriber" web page

Prospective subscriber enters all required details including the following:

choice of login user name
choice of password
personal address etc. details
user profile/demographic details
any other relevant details

credit card payment details

Upon acceptance of all of these inputs, the server would first check to see
if the login name already exists withinthe Emerald database - if not then
proceeds to next stage - if yes - requests an alternative login name until
it is unique.

The server next authorises the user credit card details, and clears the
payment in real-time using a direct credit card processing system such as

Upon clearance of the payment (as confirmed by e.g ICVerify), then the
Emerald MBR for the new subscriber is automatically created in real-time
with the appropriate defaults, after which the account will be immediately
available for use by the user.

This would be an extremely useful automation IMO for obvious reasons, and I
would like know whether anyone on this list has implemented such a system
already, and to otherwise request comments as to feasibility etc..


Adrian Cooper.