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Just to double check, I have a coupl'a questions:

At 07:54 PM 12/29/97 -0800, you wrote:
>David Mulberry wrote:
>> Now on to the next problem... When I set up a new user, if I enter an ftp
>> directory in Emerald and I use a network name like \\servername\wwwroot,

Are you using \\servername\wwwroot or \\servername\wwwroot\username

>> creates the new directory with the users name. However, if I ftp to the
>> directory with the new user's name and password Serv-U logs me in and then
>> give me access denied error 550 (looks like it can't find my home
>> directory). On the other hand if i set up the new user with an ftp
>> directory with a drive letter like c:\wwwroot then Emerald gives me an
>> error, "68:Device Unavailable",

Obviously, wwwroot does not exist on your local drive, and maped drives
must be mapped identically on the server running Serv-U. So long story
short, use UNC.

when saving the new user (remember I am
>> working remotely and do not have the drive mapped). Of course this means
>> that home dir of the new user was not created on the server. However, if i
>> create the home dir on the server for the new user Serv-U authenticates via
>> ftp without a problem.
>> Does Serv-U work with a network address in the Emerald Directory
field??? If
>> so what have i possibly configured incorrectly??

In Emerald Admin, set the home dir as \\servername\wwwroot <just like this>
and it should create the dir withoout a problem. Make sure that wwwroot is
a shareed dir.

The system running Serv-U must be logged in as an account with Adminitrator
privlidges, if Serv-U is running as an application. Or at least Admin
rights on the shared dir.

In addition to the following:
>Who is serv-u logged in as? Is it running local or as a service? You
>should be using UNC paths for everything. If Emerald can create the dir
>and Serv-U can't access it, then whomever Serv-U is running as doesn't
>have permissions to the UNC.
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