Australian Date and other Questions.

David Moore ( )
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 11:01:22 +1100

Could you please answer the following questions before we purchase =
Emerald/Radius NT.

1. If we purchase Emerald/Radius what problems will we run in to having =
setup our local defaults to Australian date format i.e. DD/MM/YY. (the =
demo version stops working when you restart NT) and it is painfull =
having to remember to convert back to AUS date format when setup in US =
date format.
2. IF this is still a problem how long before you envisage a fix.=20
3. Do you expect to have a new version of your software ware out in 1, =
3, 6 months (approx. we won't hold you to a date).
4. Do you have a list of new features (and can you provide it) which =
this new version will incorporate or is this new version a fix pack.
5. What software do you write your front end in, is the source available =
for modification (maybe with non disclosure agreement or payment).
6. Do you supply proper documentation to Emerald/Radius as the =
downloaded version is incomplete / missing sections if you do not =
provide proper manuals when will the downloaded version be finished.

Yours truly,

David Moore