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Dennis Jensen ( )
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 08:38:33 -0600

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Dennis Jensen wrote:
> >
> > Dale, I upgraded to 2.2.32 and calls consolidation worked fine.
> Now
> > I am having a problem with the invoices. It seems that anything
> besides
> > a monthly renewal account does calculate correctly. I ran checkdb-
> OK.
> > For example a semi annual account billed at the rate of 24.95 a
> month,
> > InvoiceItems shows 24.95 while the Invoice table shows 149.70, the
> > invoice then prints out with incorrect info, also the footer at the
> > bottom will show the name of the next invoice to be printed out???
> What does the invoice print out with?

The details will include the InvoiceItems while the total will be
from Invoices. Also, if you go to the invoices tab, search a invoice,
select it then go to delete it the invoice you selected is not the
invoice it tells you it will delete if you continue. If you cancel that
operation and call delete again the invoice to delete is correct! I am
using the old invoice.rpt I created in Crystal Reports 4.5 ( all I added
was a graphic and changed some of the wording, not any fields). Are you
saying the report below creates the mis-matched bottom or will clear it

> The mis-matched bottom can be created by using the report:
> instead of the included invoice.rpt.
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