Re: Call consolidation and Calls table

David Khoury ( )
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 10:46:58 +1100

>We do call history conslidations once a month and we backup the
>emerald database every day. Every time we consolidate, emerald
>delete the previous calls logs. In the process no one can
>view his previous login session.
>I would like to know how others are dealing with the situations.
>Do they restore from the backup into the emerald database
>or to a new database.
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

Heh. I've written my own consolidation program. The program copies all
the old calls into a separate database, which we can then refer to if any
customers have complaints about hours. This has saved our hides many times.

This is probably a fairly extreme solution, but it works for us.

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