Type mismatch error on user services

Jacob Gubits ( jgubits@HighClass.Net )
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:31:43 -0500

I fount the source of the problem but still needs help

I checked the Billing section and found that all the dates fields are
getting converted to text format, for example, original should be in
date format "12/17/97" it comas in text format like "Dec 17 1997".
(actually it comes "Dec 17 1" because there isn't enough room on field
for the whole text).

Some how the client SQL converts the date fields to text format, I need
instructions how to turn it off so SQL will return dates in original
date format.

>When I want to edit user services I get this folowing error
>"13: Type mismatch error"
>I can delete or add user services but not edit them.
>This problem happened only on my remote machine connected to SQL via
>TCP/IP, on the main server it is working normally.
>I was told to upgrate Emerald to version 2.1.11, it doesn't help
>Is anyone have a solution please.