Printing from Emerald

Pat Augustine ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:50:31 -0500

I know you've been over this a zillion times and I swear I was paying
attention, but I'm stumped on this one.

I've got two Win 95 workstations, side by side, been using Emerald and
printing forever (more than a year, anyway). ODBC set up, works fine.
We moved. The workstations are now in a different building from the
computers, connecting through an ISDN line, rather than direct through a
LAN. We're subnetted through a Max 4004 and a Pipeline 50.
We put HOSTS files on both to reference the various servers on the other
side (the ones that used to be our LAN, but are still on this side of our
actual Internet Gateway). I copied the HOSTS file from one machine to the
other to ensure they were the same.
Both machines can access Emerald and all our servers just fine. One can
print, as always. The other gets the infamous "76:Path not found" error.
I've checked the ODBC settings (which worked before we moved) and they are
identical on both machines.
Microsoft Access has no trouble getting the Emerald database open through
ODBC on either machine.
I even tried using a UNC name for the server (\\INTERLINK4) and the normal
name (INTERLINK4), but it didn't help. I've got a USER DSN, a SYSTEM DSN and
a FILE DSN, all configured identically, just in case.

It's been working fine until we moved. There's probably something very
simple I'm overlooking, but I can't think of what.

Any thoughts?

Pat Augustine
Interlink America