Problems with SQL - HEELP

John Lange ( )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 21:15:58 -0600

HI & Thanks for your help in advance...

We have been running Emerald succesfully for many months. All of a sudden
today several workstations are seeing regular SQL Failed messages, at many
inapropriate times. Checking time on-line, monitoring Who's Online,
looking up customers.

So I looked at the SQL error log and can only see one error. I don't think
it is related, but maybee.

Even if it is not related, am I seeing a problem, and what values do I need
to increase. The values that "I" think are related to this are set at the

Here is today's log entry (I know the db dump stuff is normal):

97/12/10 03:13:19.38 spid15 Checking space allocation for database 6
97/12/10 03:16:52.14 spid15 WARNING: no read ahead slots available. Use
sp_configure to increase the number of slots ('RA worker threads' or
'RA slots per thread').
97/12/10 03:17:13.70 spid15 DBCC TRACEOFF 3605,
97/12/10 03:22:42.39 backup DATABASE dumped with following info: Database
Name:Emerald, Creation Date and Time:Dec 10, 97(03:20), Pages
dumped:124024, Current Sequence:35742 22979617, Sort Order:52, Striped:NO,
Number of Dump Devices:1, device info:(VOLID=SQL001
NAME=D:\MSSQL\BACKUP\Emerald_db_dump.199712100320 TYPE=DISK FILE=1)

Thanks again!
JOhn :}

P.S. 2.5x yet? (please)

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