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Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 11:06:51 -0800 ()

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Michael Whisenant wrote:

> the last 18 months and last month was the first time it went smoothly. I
> had to reconfigure my SQL server to allocate more locks for the process.
> With 3/4 to 1 million records per month the basic setup did not work.

Most likely the issue was the size of your tempdb, not the locks.
I ran into an issue here today where I was doing a consolidation on
about 800,000 records, and it kept telling me I was out of locks, but
I didn't beileve it. After raising the size of tempdb to 40mb (from
20mb) it ran fine.

> Oh dont' forget in your terminal server the easiest way is to remove
> backup accounting and backup authentication servers, then set primary
> accounting to one machine and primary authentication to the other, IF you
> want to have one machine run each task during consolidation.

The issue is this. When you run consolidation, the ODBC connection
will HANG for the accounting (because of the table lock during
consolidation). Therefore RadiusNT will hang during consolidation
because of that.

How to avoid this issue is to install a RadiusNT server for
authentication (usually your primary) that NO clients point to
for accounting. Then during the consolidation your primary
authentication will NOT hung and users will get on. The accounting
records will start again after the tabl lock is removed.

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