Re: NTMail/Emerald Integration

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Sat, 6 Dec 1997 19:57:58 -0000

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From: Kurt Schafer <>
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Date: Monday, December 01, 1997 1:19 PM
Subject: NTMail/Emerald Integration

>Earlier I reported that our SQL server takes a sharp spike in activity
>whenever NTMail does an SQL query via the emer_ntm.dll.
>In response to the statement that my experience is unique I'm wonderring if
>the fact that the NTMail server is sitting on the PDC for the domain is a
>relevant case here ? My current NT Domain controller is littered with
>defunct accounts and the like so with the NTMail upgrade I took steps to
>start over with a new PDC and slowly move new servers onto that domain.
>Could that be the cause of my problems ? My NTMail server is a dual
>P5-200mHz machine (128megs RAM) and I notice that SQL queries from NTMail
>often send the SQL process to 50% when I watch it via the task manager.
>It's forced me to run manual imports of EMail information from Emerald
>directly into the registry on the NTMail machine in order to make POP/SMTP
>runs functional without 10-15 second delays.

We have seen 10-15 second delays when using the NT User Database for
authentication. Perhaps you have this option selected in NTMail? It is
possible that the SQL server is using the NT User Database to athenticate
connection through the DLL... I don't know what you could do about that.


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