Radius 2.2.35 problems

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 13:46:06 -0400

I just uninstalled RadiusNT .60 (used to be running as a service) and
installed Radius 2.2.35 and have run into a couple problems that I'm not
sure what to do with (auth/acct is running on a backup machine running
Radius .60 reading from just a text file). The first problem isn't that
big of a deal, but the second is...

1. I also encountered the problems with tabctl32.ocx. The version that
comes with RadNT 2.2 works with Radius Admin 2.02.0008, but does not work
with Emerald 2.1.11. Replacing that file with the version that had worked
with Radius .60 and Emerald 2.1.11, Emerald loaded up just fine, but
RadAdmin won't load. Emerald and Radius are on the same NT 4.0 machine.
Without constantly swapping tabctl32.ocx files, is there an alternative fix
for this?

2. Radius 2.2 starts as a service without any error messages, though it's
not actually working properly. After stopping the service and running the
following from the c:\radius directory, users are able to dialup and be
authenticated properly:
radius -x15 -o -A -R97
If I stop this, then start the service, all subsequent calls display on the
Max 4004 console:
LAN security error

Looking in Radius NT Administrator, all settings are identical to how they
were set in the admin for Radius .60:
Port 1645
Ignore Case (not checked)
note: I dialed up and used a login and password (test account)
that are entered into the db in lowercase letters, and
when I dialed up, I used all lowercase letters (still got
the error message above)
Req. secret (checked)
Port: 1646
Mode: ODBC only ("Emerald")
Debug: (none are checked)
Concurrency control (all accounts have a minimum of 1 set in the db)
Ascend Max Time
Variable login limits
(all others are unchecked)
ODBC security is set to the same administrative username and password as
that that is listed under the "startup" settings in Control Panel /
Services / Radius. The "check" verified the amount of users, etc. I also
clicked on the button that "installs the service" and saved the settings in
Rad Admin.

What am I missing?

NT 4.0 Server SP3 (intel)
SQL Server 6.5
RadiusNT 2.2.35
Emerald 1.1.11
Max 4004 (will be adding a 4048 in a couple weeks)


Josh Hillman