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We recently purchased license for emerald, but we are having couple of
troubles with it.
We are using : DEC AccessServers, RadiusNT for
accounting,authentication,NT4.0 for DNS and mail servers.
case 1 :
On one installation the master accounts screen (the default screen when
you launch emerald client) didn't come. But on other machines it didn't
make any troubles; until today. Today another machine ceased showing the
same screen.
There is one strange thing though, when you press ENTER on that blank
screen, it gives a correct message, asking for confirmation for loading
...MBRs. When you say OK... Same blank screen. All the other screens are
I've downloaded emerald.exe v2.1.11, but it still is the same. It is
still functioning perfectly on NT4.0 machines. And we have no ODBC or
any authentication problems, nor any other problem with RadiusNT.
case 2 :
When can we get a grab on the Database (Radius) Administration side of
the user manual ?
We are having some troubles with OnLine sides of emerald. There seems to
be a lack of communication with the RadiusNt server and Emerald Machine
(they are on two different NTs on the same network). Although they work
good when it comes to authenticating, they can not communicate on
accounting (RadiusNT doesn't write anything to "Calls" Table)

Thanks for the patience to read.

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