Tabctl32.ocx and RadusNT 2.2

Bruno A. Karoly ( (no email) )
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 06:35:03 -0400

Thanks to the search here, I was able to find reference to the
tabctl32.ocx problems some had had...

Well thanks to the version of tabctl32.ocx that comes with RadiusNT 2.2,
my tabs in Emerald admin and client got broken.

I suspect that this subsequently trashed a part of the sql database... I
can not put in my domain email or the cc report... the cc report entry
will show up as the domain email entry (admin, client).

Can't get it to straighten out from other installations of Emerald
pointing at the same dsn either.

This is mind blowing! HELP! I've put in over 200 hours on trying to
get this all to run and now I'm told that I get 100 good hits in the
eval that started with 500 mbrs for 45 days. Not good news for all
this effort.


v. 914.834.7834
f. 914.834.7835