Problems authenticating from 2nd PM

Ian Pizey ( )
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 15:31:59 -0500

Hi everyone. I've just added a second Portmaster 2eR and am trying to
get Radius to authenticate user that dial in on it. I've added it to
the Servers portion of the Emerald Administrator and have configured the
portmaster the same as the first one I have(with the exception of the IP
gateway). Note: I am using ODBC authentication with SQL 6.0
When a user dials in radius receives the request but in -x15 mode it
shows the decrypted password as the following:

Decrypted Password: !åV??S_TA€*q+¬]

This is obviously not a decrypted password as you can see!! Can anyone
tell me what is going on?? Thank you for your help.