Re: Coupla Queries

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 12:12:12 -0400

I was getting this error as well, usually averaging about 1 a second when I
had 7 of my Max's pointed to the NT daemon for accounting.

Fortunately, Ascend Max4000's let you adjust the timeout values for
authentication and accounting. Perhaps you could see if your portmasters
let you do the same. In my case raising the timeout value from the default
of 1 second to 3 seconds totally solved the problem.

Next issue to resolve is whether or not there are any internal network
issues that may be causing the phenomenon of it its the RadiusNT server.
Perhaps there are some subnetting/routing problems that need to be

- Kurt

> 2) RadiusNT has specific problems with accounting for one PortMaster
> - all the other PortMasters are remote and they account
> perfectly. The only one that has the problems is the local
> portmaster running on the same local lan - it seems it accepts
> the requests for a short while, and then all of a sudden it
> gives errors saying that their is a conflict with pk_Calls
> that already exists. What it looks like is that the SessionID
> is been repeated over and over, i.e. the PortMaster is not
> receiving a proper ACK back from the Accounting server.
> Any ideas ?
> Regards,
> Graeme
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