WEB based Emerald front-end

Mark A. Knight ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 20:55:15 -0000

Does any one know of or have a WEB based front end to
Emerald that will let people subscribe to my ISP on-line.

At a minimum it would have to:
access the Emerald DB (using M$ SQL 6.5) to verify the
user name isn't already used
allow entry of all the required Emerald fields
notify operator (email) of new user

Would be nice if it also accept CC info and/or interface to
ICVerify to so they can pre-pay first month and start using
the account immediately?

Money is tight (isn't it for everyone? sigh!) but I would
be willing to pay if I can get my hands on something that I
can get up and running ASAP.


Mark A. Knight