Re: RadiusNT .60, Access & No Logins

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 01:21:39 -0700

Glen Harvy wrote:
> Moving along at a rapid pace :-) , I have security and accounting working
> fine in text mode. I achieved this by changing the dictionary entry from
> "User-Service" to "User-Service-Type" which is required of my NAS.

Actually, you NAS just needs the number. Their docs might give examples
of "User-Service-Type", but its really the attribute number (since
itself doesn't know the name) thats important. Your dictionary
numbers to names and vice versa.

> The problem I am now having is with the ODBC side.
> I added a user as a Subaccount and entered the NAS details in the
> appropriate databases. I also changed the RADattribute from just
> "User-Sevice to User-Service-Type.

Again, this is even more irrelevant since the database uses the numbers
more than the names.

> When I try to login my NAS reports "Service denied for a non-ppp
> user".
> The test login I created was for a PPP connection.

What does radlogin show for the user authentication? Radlogin is
your best debug tool because it shows you what RadiusNT and the
database are returning for the user.

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