Alex Assali ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 05:18:16 -0400

I am using RadiusNT along with the Emerald and SQL server.
It seems like the accounting is working fine but the authentication on the
SQL server is not. It keeps coming with message user unknown. I noticed
that that the SQL is trying to decrypt the password eventhough the
are not key encrypted.
Right now, I am running the authentication on a Linux machines using radius
generated by the emerald. I am using the recent version of Ascend Radius
controlling access on an Ascend MAX 4004. The Ascend dictionary is little
different from the one that comes with the emerald. I know that this can be
from the emerald database. Does the RadiusNT read the emerald dictionary
running in odbc mode? if this is true why the authentication is not

Is there any way to change the radius file format generated by the radius?
I dont
know if some of you working with the Ascend radius noticed that the
parameter: Expiration does not exist instead Ascend-PW-Expiration is used.
The emerald
can not delete the parameter Expiration? the only way is to change this
to Ascend-PW-Expiration?? How can I do that?? also if you want to add
-type(ISDN or analog), it has to be added next to the username line.
will add it to a new line?? So is there any way to change the file format
on the
SQL server??

Did anyone have an incident where the RadiusNT reported a communication
failure with the SQL server? if so, why this is hapening?

I know this is to much information to ask but I really appreciate your help
these issues. I am also prepared to return the favor with anything I can
help you with.
Call me at (803)-741-7766.


Alex Assali
Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Communication(The George
Washington University).