Obj: Two Questions...

Nicolas SPORN ( nsporn@i2m.fr )
Wed, 09 Jul 97 16:33:07 GMT

> Hello,
> I have two questions:
> 1. I installed RadiusNT on an NT machine as a Service (because I dont
> want a user always logged in on a machine because of security). Now
> adding a user requires to stop en restart the Radius Service. Is there a
> way that this can be done automaticly (once an hour or once a day)?
nor use the *reload* user with radadmin ; it works fine.
Each time you add a user, connect using *reload* will update the database

> 2. Accountig is done by mine Access provider. Is there a way of setting
> a log file so that I can see what happens with the radius server, who is
> accessing the radius server etc.? My RadiusNT is still working as a
> service.
It is as a default option; you must have a
c:\radius\acct\ip.number.of Radius.server\detail
detail is an ascii file with all logs

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