ISP Testing Problems

Wilhelm Lehmann ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 21:31:23 -0000

Hi all

Since I know what most of you are going through, setting up and ISP or
upgrading from Unix etc, just a few words of encouragement - Hang in there
it is worth it !

Then since most of you are want to see you new system working, if your mail
is working for you other domains hosted by your servers, I have decided to
make life easier for all ISP's that want to test MX records, Mail systems
etc. This I have done as a free service, because I needed it at one stage
and could not find such a service.

Sollution :
A testmail List server

You subscribe to the list, post a request to get test email's send to a
specific email address. I return you are requested to respond to some test

To subscribe send mail to :

In your message body :
subscribe testmail Your_Full_Name

To send a request send it to :


Wilhelm Lehmann
Acenet Manager