NT SAM Authentication

Steve Spesard ( steves@act.com )
Sun, 06 Jul 1997 09:56:46 -0600


I need a little help in getting Radius to authenticate to the NT
user database. I have Radius authenticating to a user file fine. The
problem is that it will not authenticate to the NT user database. When
I start radius with in debug -x15 I see the password that Radius is
using WINNT. But I can only get logged on if I type WINNT not the users
NT Password. Any Ideas? I am running NT 4.0 SP3. On a smaller note if
I add radacct 1646/udp to my services file I get an error to the effect
of "bind" no error and Radius will not receive requests. If I leave
this port out of my services file then the service will start and use
port 1901???

Thanks for any help

Steve Spesard