Tosio Kasai ( kasai@comnic.co.jp )
Fri, 27 Jun 97 09:28:31 JST

I just started installation to evaluate RadiusNT.
I'm planning to use SQL server 6.5 and NT SAM.
I added my Login ID into MasterAccounts and SubAccounts and
put 'WINNNT\MYDOMAIN' into password.
I also put my terminal(WindowsNT) IP address into servers database
for test purpose.
Then started RadiusNT as 'radius -x15 -o ' on the server machine
that is backup domain controller and SQL Server is running on it.
Then I did 'radlogin myname mypassword' on from my terminal and
I got following message.
--------------- From here -----------------------------
radrecv: Request from host ac11015f code=1, id=1, length=0
NAS-Identifier =
NAS-Port = 0
User-Name = "myname"
Password = "?????????????????????????????"
Password = "?????????????????????????????"
Decrypted Password: mypassword
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select DateAdd(Day, ma.extension, maExpireDate), DateAdd(Day, sa
..extension, saExpireDate), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password, sa.Login,
sa.Shell From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa Where (sa.Login='myname'
or sa.Sh
ell='myname') AND ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0 and

Database Password: WINNT\MYDOMAIN
Freeing SQL Statement...
LOG: User: myname Not found

User: myname Not found
Sending Reject of id 1 to ac11015f (myterminal.mycompany.co.jp)

Response Time: 125
----------------- To Here ----------------------------------------
I changed Password data on above list.

If I did 'radlogin abc xyz' from my terminal, I got followings:
--------------- From here -----------------------------

ODBC: SQLFetch Error:100: (00000)

Freeing SQL Statement...
LOG: User: abc Not found

User: abc Not found
----------------- To Here ----------------------------------------
Login ID 'abc' is not stored on Master and Sub Accounts database.

First example seems to me that Radius NT could find LoginID 'myname'
on the database because it shows the password I put into the database.
But RadiusNT says 'User: myname Not found'.

Could someone advice me what should I do next.

Is there any detailed documents regarding database layout?
I studied Version 2.1 document(Word format) but it is not enough
to me. For example, I do not understand the meaning of 'saCurrent'
on the SubAccounts table.

Toshio Kasai