Depend on service on NT4

Mourad Dahoumane ( )
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 23:09:50 +0200


May be someone can help me on this one.

I am upgrading to NT 4 SP2 and SP3 on a backup server. I installed Radius
as service. it works perfectly fine except for one parameter that I want to
add a binary value :DependOnService: MSSQLServer. When this is created I
have an error saying :

Error 1075: the dependancy service doesn't exist or has been marked for

RadiusNT used to work without a hitch on NT3.51 SP5 for months with this
parameter. That is why you don't see messages from me, Dale !

Mourad Dahoumane.

PS: I heard you had happy event in your family. Congratulations. Now you
have good reason to work at night :-)