User not found in Radius 1.16.60

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 01:05:59 -0000

I've run radius -x15 and used radlogin to test radiusnt. Btw, I run it on
WinNT server 4 w/ SP3.

Problem ? RadiusNT reports that it can't find my user.

User: sinang Not found
Sending Reject of id 1 to ac1f0101 (localhost)

It showed the SQL statement which checks out alright. I've got matching
MasterAccount and SubAccount entries, the user name can be found in the
SubAccount table and both tables have the Active fields set to -1.

When I tested radlogin with a user who is not in the SubAccount table, I
would get a SQLFetch Error:100. But if I use the right username, no
SQLFetch Errors occur, even if I use the wrong password !!

What can possibly be wrong ?