New Program

Dave Aoun ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 12:11:12 -0400

Just wanted to let users know that I have finished a program for user
management using Radius NT. If anyone remembers my previous program,
MicroManager, this is its big brother, MacroManager. (Just call it Macrom

What it does: Add, edit, delete masteraccounts and subaccounts, view
CallsOnline table, search users, plus a couple management utilities for
organizing the database.

This version, unlike Micromanager, can connect to Access or SQL Server
using ODBC. Abandoning Jet made an incredible speed difference!

I am giving this program away. Free stuff is good, but unsupported.
(Except for the incredible RadiusNT) We use Macrom here at CSOnline, but
that does not mean it is guaranteed to work for you. Try it. Read the
docs, fiddle around with it. If it still doesn't work, trash it.

Comments and/or contributions are always welcome, but not required.

You can download this program from my web pages:

Dave Aoun
Internet Technician