Backup Radius Server using Access.

Phil Taylor ( )
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:02:20 +0100


I am trying to setup a backup radius using Access from our primary which
is using MSSQL.

I have tried to setup replication to an ODBC datasource, (which is my
remote access database) everything works, the tables etc seem to be
created on the Access database and are fully populated.

The problem occurs with date fields, i.e. saExpireDate which gets
replicated as a text field, therefore any authentication against this
access database fails with account expired.

If I then change the field type to date within MS Access, authentication
works OK but the SQL server then fails to replicate any more records,
presumably because the table formats have changed.

Is there any way to:

Disable the Expire Date check in RadiusNT, as it is only the backup I
don't really mind about this


Allow the date fields to be text fields if using Access.

If this is possible, this would make a great backup server without
having to buy another copy of MSSQL (and the extra RAM/Disk etc needed
to run it.)