Received Unknown Attribute

Michael R. Conder ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 15:00:34 -0700

1. We received a Unknown Attribute message for attributes 32 and 50. Our
example Access database in the RadAttributes Table had no entries for
attributes 32 and 50. I assume attribute 32 is the NAS-Identifier per the
RadiusNT Dictionary, ver 25.12. 10/25/95, and that NAS-Identifier is NOT
attribute 4 as indicated in our example calls table provided with the
RadiusNT version 1.60.

2. Which attribute should we use to assign an inactivity timeout to
callers?, i.e. to bump them off line when they are idle for xxxxx time.
How do we define xxxxx in the access database?

3. When will RadiusNT version 2 be available?

Please email directly since we just joined the mailing list. Thanks